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The Conjuring Universe Tour Welcomes You! With Inspiration from Seven Horror Films from New Line Cinema’s The Conjuring Universe, featuring interactive installations and classic scenes inspired by The Conjuring series, the Annabelle series, and The Nun.

January 3, 2024

Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment and Sunny Side Up Entertainment are teaming up once again, together with Golden Deer Jr Entertainment to bring The Conjuring Universe Tour to Taiwan.  This immersive and high-quality exhibition surprises audiences as they step into the exquisite sets that are inspired by the movies from The Conjuring Universe, together with interactive installations that would stimulate their senses. ‘The Conjuring Universe Tour’ will grandly open on January 6th at Huashan Cultural and Creative Park, in Exhibition Halls 2A and 2B. As the second stop of its Asian tour, the production team has spared no expense to create two exhibition halls at Huashan, featuring a selection of up to 16 rooms to explore.

Be immersed in The Conjuring Universe

Uninterrupted supernatural phenomena awaits in The Conjuring Universe Tour.  Experience immersive sound and lighting effects while embarking on a thrilling adventure as paranormal investigators. The exhibition design draws inspiration from the most successful horror franchise of all time, New Line Cinema’s massively popular The Conjuring Universe, including all three The Conjuring films, all three Annabelle films and The Nun, incorporating those unforgettable and spine-chilling iconic scenes and plotlines.  The 16 areas will showcase key locations such as The Perron’s House, filled with curses.  Fans will also witness Annabelle’s relentless summoning in The Warren’s Artifact Room and even encounter Valak…? This is an absolute must-visit for movie fans and thrill seekers!


Experience the horror stories from the movies first-hand! Witness the shocking and thrilling supernatural phenomena

In addition to the exquisite scene sets that allow fans to capture and enjoy the moment, audiences can also immerse themselves and personally experience the iconic plotlines from the films.  Through various show moments and interactive exhibits, fans may catch glimpses of disappearing and reappearing dolls, suddenly moving cursed objects, and not to mention… the possibility of ghostly apparitions that could startle them.


Witness the chilling details come to life

As audience venture deeper, they will experience iconic moments:

  • The Abbey of St. Carta, from “The Nun,” awaits exploration, where rituals of sacrifice are reenacted.
  • Experiencing eerie supernatural phenomena erupt at any given time in Bee’s Roomfrom Annabelle: Creation.
  • Step into the cursed land of The Perron’s House from The Conjuring, where a sinister tree awaits…
  • Let us also not forget about the iconic Warren’s Artifact Room, from “Annabelle” and “Annabelle Comes Home,” a chamber of nightmares filled with cursed objects and relics from some of the most chilling cases.

The gates to The Conjuring Universe Tour are now open, but… are you ready?

The Conjuring Universe Tour Exhibition information

Exhibition Name| The Conjuring Universe Tour

Exhibition Venue| Huashan 1914 Creative Park East 2A&B

Exhibition Period| 2024/ 01/ 06 (SAT) – 2024/04/07 (SUN)

Opening hours| Mon to Sun 10:00 – 18:00 (No ticket sales or entry after 17:30)

Organizer| Golden Deer Jr Entertainment

Official Facebook|

Official IG|

Exhibition Ticket Pricing Information

Regular ticket: 400 NT

Regular dual ticket: 699 NT dollars

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