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MOVE! Into the Wildlife Exhibition

Originating from Japan, this beloved edutainment exhibition seamlessly blends education and entertainment, inviting families to explore the wonders of wildlife in an interactive and engaging manner. Inspired by the unconventional publication “MOVE: the Dynamic Encyclopedia,” the exhibition defies traditional encyclopedic norms. Visitors embark on a journey through five distinct areas: “Small Garden,” “Wonder Jungle,” “Survival Ocean,” “Miracle Savanna,” and the intriguing “Gear Center.” In each zone, participants immerse themselves in the lives of various creatures, adopting their traits and skills. Whether you’re emulating a jungle dweller or navigating the ocean depths, this exhibition offers a unique opportunity to experience life as a creature and appreciate the interconnectedness of all living beings on our planet.

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What to Expect

Embark on an exciting wildlife adventure at the MOVE! Into the Wildlife Exhibition, where the wonders of the animal kingdom come to life. Explore interactive habitats showcasing diverse ecosystems and observe the unique behaviors of wildlife species. Marvel at a stunning wildlife photography gallery capturing creatures in their natural habitats. Experience the thrill of a virtual safari through immersive 360-degree videos and enjoy live animal encounters and demonstrations.

Engage with the importance of wildlife conservation in the Conservation Awareness Zone, and ignite the curiosity of young explorers at the Children's Discovery Corner. Participate in educational workshops and talks led by wildlife experts, gaining in-depth knowledge about various species, ecosystems, and conservation efforts. With family-friendly entertainment and a blend of fun and learning, this immersive wildlife experience is suitable for visitors of all ages.


July 1st to October 20th, 2019


60 mins


MegaBox, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

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